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This field of dentistry is to prevent, diagnose and treat anomalies in the form, position, relation and function of the structure of the teeth and jawbone.

The most common technique is a straightening arch composed of brackets attached to the teeth, and with a sequence of arches that correct the position of the teeth in their span.

The most common alterations that we can correct are:

  • Mandibular  Prognathism: Protruding lower jaw.
  • Maxillary Prognathism: Protruding upper jaw.
  • Overcrowding: When the teeth do not have sufficient space between them to be correctly situated, and Overlap each other.
  • Spaces: Separation between the teeth.
  • Open Bite: When there is a lack of vertical overlap of the lower and upper incisors.
  • Posterior Crossbite: This occurs when the top back teeth bite inside the bottom back teeth. This is one of the most common disorders.
  • Scissor Bite: The upper molars are positioned outward or the lower molars are positioned inward.

Infantile Orthodontics

Within Interceptive Orthodontics many children problems can be corrected, both in the development of the upper and lower jaws, and in the eruption of teeth (teeth that cannot erupt because of blocking or lack of space)

During the test we will evaluate the existence of possible habits (pacifier, finger, thrusting of lips, atypical swallowing) that derive from bad jaw alignment, such as cross bite etc.

Our objective is to avoid the condition becoming more severe when the patient becomes adult, and a complete correction wherever possible. We will also look at the necessity of space maintainers.

It is very important that the child is checked at a young age, as many problems have easier solutions while the jawbones are developing.

Much of the apparatus we employ can be personalized, making it more diverse for treating children.

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