Podology Unit


The Podology Unit of Clinic CUME not only treats all pathology related to feet, but also any injuries that may make walking difficult. Much of the pain felt in shoulders, tendonitis of the knees and other parts of the body are associated with foot problems.

The podology unit has at their disposal the principal technological apparatus to enable a computerized study of the patients feet. This analysis is essential to be able to produce custom-made soles, out of the best resins and materials currently on the market.


In Clinic CUME we embark on the diagnosis and treatment of afflictions of the feet, through the therapeutic technicians of their particular field.

  • Chiropody: Trimming and care of nails, eliminating hard skin and calluses.
  • Treatment of in-growing toenails.
  • Fungal infections.
  • Silicone implants made to measure, performing as separators to prevent friction and deformities of toes and fingers.
  • Sports Podology: diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, made to measure soles.


Shoe inserts can relieve or eliminate certain problems, and are very effective in the resolution of foot pain, bunions, heel pain, Morton´s Metatarsalgia (shooting pains in ball of foot and toes), talagia (ankle pain), calluses, hard skin, neuromas, claw toes and all types of foot pathology.

In Clinis CUME we are specialists in custom-made soles and shoe inserts. After a detailed study of the patient and his walking motion, we elaborate inserts adapted to the person and his footwear. As well as this, this elaboration is carried out by a proper specialist, who has at his disposal all the materials for  manufacture: oven, resins, angle grinder etc. so that he can control and achieve all the processes from taking the patients mould, to adapting and fitting it to his footwear.

Once the inserts are made, the patient can have as many corrections as necessary to ensure a good fitting.

In Our Foot Unit We Will Treat Your Ailments

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