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The objective is to treat the problems affecting communiaction, speech, language, hearing and voice, literacy skills and or oral functions such as (swallowing, sucking, chewing….) In Clinic CUME we attend to adults, children and pensioners, both to rehabilitate existing problems and to prevent them from appearing.

The work areas for this service are:

* Area of Speech:  Stammering, pronunciation, dyslexia etc.

* Area of Voice: Prevention and rehabilitation of voice disorders, speakers, singers etc.

* Area of Language (understanding and expression): language delays, aphasia etc.

* Area of Cognition: Attention, memory, deterioration of communication due to aging,  degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimers Disease or Dementia.

* Area of literacy skills: Dyslexia, writing difficulties etc.

* Area of Nutricion: Swallowing difficulties, oral habits, chewing, sucking with palate problems….

* Area of Hearing: Loss of hearing, cochlear implants….

* Logoestetica: Reducing the signs of aging through technical therapy. We work most specifically in this area through a “Workshop of Cognitive Processes.” The classes are of small groups and a duration of 45 minutes. The classes are targeted at persons who wish to prepare or improve their cognitive capacities such as memory, attention, language etc.

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