The Clinic CUME department of endocrinology collaborates with Inigedia through our specialist Doctor Antonio Luis Cuesta Muñoz, professor of the University of Copenhagen. Inigedia is the main institute in Spain dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of the genetically and endocinologic causes of diabetes.

The most common treatments in Clinic CUME are for the following:

* Hypothalamus/Hypophysis.

* Thyroids. Unit for Thyroid Disorders.

* Bone and Mineral Metabolism.

* Andrenal Glands.

* Male Endocrinolgy: Sexual gland deficiency. Impotence.

* Alterations in Distinction and Sexual Identity.

* Female Endocrinology: Excessive hair growth, endocrinologic menstruation alterations,


* Alterations in Cholesterols and other Factors of Cardiovascular Risk.

* Arterial Hypertension associated with Endocrinology.

* Obesity.

* Mellitus Diabetes type 1 and 2. Gestational Diabetes. Diabetical education, basic and advanced.

* Hypoglycaemia.

* Functional testing for hormone study.

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