Care of the skin is fundamental, as it is a most important exterior organ that we need to protect. Of all the organs of the body, the skin is the most versatile of all, in that it is the only one directly and constantly in contact with the open air. For this reason, Clinic CUME treats the most frequent skin problems through one of the best dermatologists, Doctor Javier del Boz.

The skin problems most frequent are:

* Virical infections.

* Eczemas.

* Psoriasis.

* Acne.

* Fungus infections.

* Skin cancer.

* Rashes.

* Hair Loss.

* Moles.

We are able to carry out small small surgical interventions by scalpel, and the samples obtained are sent to our laboratory for analysis.


In Clinic CUME we are specialists in treating infantile dermatology. These days, the illness most frequent is atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema that tends to appear when the child is 4 months old, provoking an irritating itch.

Our specialist Doctor Javier del Boz is a member of GEDP (Spanish Group of Dermatology Paediatricians), and so is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of pathology in children.

* Atopic Dermatitis.

* Nappy Rash.

* Eczemas.

* Acne.

* Paediatric skin infections, cold sores and impetigo etc.ía-infantil.jpg


Dr Del Boz is the only consultant in Andalucia specifically dedicated to the treatment of hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating. He has won many awards and gained national fame for his work in the treatment of hyperhydrosis of the palms and soles with oral oxibutinina.

The treatment of hyperhydrosis can vary depending on the previous analysis carried out by our specialist:

* BOTOX injections.

* Oral medication.

* Sessions of electrical iontoforesis.

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